The Top Ranked Kickers in NFL History – A Detailed Overview: 2021 Edition


The NFL has always marveled us with its dynamic player roster over decades. One position that many keenly watch, yet often remains underappreciated is the kicker. In this article, we go in-depth, analyzing the best NFL kickers in history, highlighting their extraordinary feats, kicking prowess, accuracy, sheer power, and crucial influence on record-breaking games.

Who is a Kicker? The Role Explored

A kicker is a player responsible for kickoffs, field goals, and extra point attempts. He serves as the team’s primary player for scoring through kicks – a skill that often proves game-changing.

Greatest Kickers in the NFL – A Deep Dive

1. Adam Vinatieri: The NFL’s ‘Mr. Clutch’.

Regarded as one of the best clutch kickers in NFL history, Adam Vinatieri’s performance during crucial moments has earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Clutch.’ His impressive field goal record set the Indianapolis Colts on a winning spree, ensuring multiple Super Bowl victories.

2. Morten Andersen: The NFL’s ‘Great Dane’.

Coming in second is retired Danish kicker Morten Andersen, who played a staggering 25 seasons in the NFL. With 2,544 career points and a notable 565 field goals, adorning the place of the NFL’s leading scorer is a testament to his tenacity.

3. Gary Anderson: Precision Personified.

Gary Anderson played 23 seasons in the NFL and is often revered for his pinpoint accuracy. A testament to his precision is his 1998 season with the Minnesota Vikings, where he successfully scored all field-goal and extra-point attempts.

The Implication of a Kicker’s Role on Field Position

The oft-forgotten strategical role of a kicker in influencing the field position cannot be overstated. From controlling kickoffs to deciding field goals, their impact transcends the obvious, affecting turnovers, the opposing offense, and even time management.

How to Evaluate a Kicker’s Success

There are three main criterion:

  1. Field Goal Percentage: This shows the ratio of successful attempts to total attempts, indicating the kicker’s efficiency.
  2. Field Goals Made per Game: This shows the frequency of kicks the player successfully makes during each game.
  3. Longest Field Goal: This indicates the kicker’s power and long-distance accuracy.

A Statistical Comparison of the NFL’s Best Kickers

This segment provides a detailed comparison of the top kickers in NFL history, considering their field goal percentage, field goals made per game, longest field goals, and seasons played.

Wrap up: Future Prospects

While we are privileged to witness the feats of past and present NFL Kickers, one cannot help but anticipate the up-and-coming kickers who would etch their names in the annals of NFL history.


This comprehensive guide to the best NFL kickers provides an insightful look into the sport’s high-stakes position. The heroes mentioned here have stressed the remarkable significance of their positions, reiterating that every role counts for a thrilling game of NFL.

Over the past decades, this sport’s evolution has brought forth extraordinary kickers, each with distinct strengths, styles, and strategies. While the future might bring forth emerging talents, the legacy of these players continues to reflect in the pages of NFL history.

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